Registered as LEXICON, this nicely balanced hybrid is one of the newest additions
to the Japanese-Siberian family. Click here for more information and new photos.

The Rock Garden is a small nursery and farm located in extreme NE Washington state in the foothills of the Selkirk Mountains. We average 16" of precipitation per year with most of that arriving as snow between November and March. Our soil is a mix of rotten granite and sand, and while we amended with compost when new beds are planted or refreshed, it does not hold moisture well.
Highs can reach into the 90s during the summer and winter temperatures have gone as low as -30. Because of the location of our garden, it's not unheard of to have frost in any month of the year. Soil ph is between 5.6 and 5.8 and nearly all of our garden is in full sun.

Our focus is on hybridizing during the growing season and handcrafts during the winter months.

For news about what's going on in the garden, check out our New Hybrids page.

THE ROCK GARDEN, 952 Viet Rd., Newport, WA 99156, USA