Established Oct 15, 1989
Incorporated Washington & Illinois
P.O. Box 1406 Newport, WA 99156
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Thank you so much for donating to RDOWS. Please visit Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States on the internet at http://www.povn.com/rdows , and visit TRUTHS FROM RDOWS WEBLOG at http://rdows.wordpress.com another weblog that you may wish to visit is Dog Facts http://dogfacts.wordpress.com

Tim Graves

Tim Graves made it possible for all of us to have RDOWS. He preferred to work quietly behind the scenes financing the organization. Since its inception October 15, 1989 RDOWS has grown from a small dedicated local Washington state group into a nationally known, and respected organization with Directors heading up Responsible Dog Owner Groups in thirteen states. RDOWS trains its Directors to have functional state level groups that are equipped to fight bad legislation, and to effectively work for equitable laws that protect animal ownership, and animal husbandry practices.

With help from caring people like you Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States will continue its work.

With deepest appreciation I remain,
Cherie Graves, chairwoman

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