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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make Internet Explorer dial automatically?
How do I make POVN.NET my home page?
How do I get My E-Mail?
Why do I get an error message that says "550 not a local host" when I try to send email?
What are the default configuration values I need to use to connect to POVN?
Why can't I connect at my highest speed?
Why do I keep getting disconnected?
What is a cookie and is it bad?


How can I make Internet Explorer dial automatically?

Go to start, settings, and click on control panel 
Open Internet or Internet Options 
Click on the Connections tab 
Make sure that povn connection is set to default 
Make sure that the radio button (the little black dot) is on "Always dial my default connection" 
Next click OK and your finished.


How do I make POVN.NET my home page?

When you first log on to the Internet. Your browser will take you to a pre-programmed site. If you are using Internet Explorer and want to make POVN.NET your opening page just click this handy link:
Click here to make POVN.NET  your default Homepage
If you are using any other browser or if the link above is not working, please Click Here for instructions on making POVN your Home Page.


How do I get My E-Mail?

If you are using Outlook Express: 
Open Outlook Express and let it connect. If it does not connect automatically then connect to the internet as you normally do. 
When it's open it should automatically check for new messages but if it does not then you need to click on the "send and receive" button. Messages should download into your Inbox. 
Click on your Inbox to read your messages 
To send a message click on "new mail" 
Type the email address of the person you want to send the message to (IE: 
Type in a subject (the subject of the message) 
Then type in your message 
When you are done with your message click on the send button and your message will be sent!

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Why do I get an error message that says "550 not a local host" when I try to send email?

Our mailservers require authentication. To correct this in Outlook or Outlook Express, click on "Tools", "Accounts" and select the mail tab. Highlight your email account and choose properties. Click on the "Servers" tab and put a checkmark in "My Server Requires Authentication" at the bottom of the page. Click Apply or OK. Close.


Why can't I connect at my highest speed?

Dial-up speeds are affected by many different things, some of which include distance, time, weather, and the lines themselves.

Modern dial-up modems typically have a maximum theoretical transfer speed of 56 kbps(kilobits per second), although in most cases 40–50 kbps is normal. Factors such as phone line noise as well as the quality of the modem itself play a large part in determining connection speeds. Some connections may be as low as 20 kbps in extremely "noisy" environments, such as in a hotel room where the phone line is shared with many extensions, or in a rural area, many kilometres from the exchange.

Remember, you can use the Dial-up Accelerator, which will not change your numerical connection speed, but will help you open websites faster!

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Why do I keep getting disconnected?

Don't touch that dial or attempt to adjust your set! What you are experiencing is most likely a problem with the phone line between you and us. During weather changes, moisture gets into exposed connection boxes, many of which are damaged by snowplows during the winter, and their ability to transmit data is impaired. When your modem senses that it the data it is receiving is unreliable, it will disconnect so that you can establish a better connection. The good news is that unless the problem is right at your house, you may be able to just dial in again and get a good connection. It's a good idea to wait a moment to allow the modem you dialed into to reset, and it can take several attempts but you should be able to get in. If this problem persists or you are never able to maintain a connection call us, because there could be a problem with your hardware.

Here are the two things that you can do that may help connection problems on a WIN98 computer:

First make sure that the driver for you modem is the correct one, if not get the latest driver from the modem manufacturer as it will give you the best performance.

Next double click on my computer, double click on dialup networking, use your right mouse key to click on your connection to us, choose properties, click the configure button right underneath the modem, choose the connection tab, click the port settings, set the transmit buffer to the second notch from the left and then click ok until you are back to dialup networking, then close both windows and give it another try.


What is a cookie and is it bad?

A cookie is a text file usually located in the main directory of you internet browser. The site that sends you a cookie is adding an id to this text file. If you tend to come to this same site and look at the same item types over and over... any time they add something new of that type and then you come to their site they will try to point you in that direction. This is the current use of a cookie. You can set your browser to not accept a cookie at all or to prompt you each time.

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