Columbia International Forensics Laboratory

Firearms: function, defects, distance determination, discharge, ammunition, reloading.
Ballistics: trajectory, path, wound/terminal ballistics, shooting scene reconstruction.
Toolmarks: impressions, striations, marks, tracks, bullet/cartridge identification.
Microscopy: comparison, chemical, alteration, trace examination.
Crime scene reconstruction, blood spatter.
Independent forensic evaluation, examination, analysis, and reconstruction.
Gaylan Warren - Forensic Microscopist
Forensic Science since 1971
- 1988 as C.I.F.L.

202 Casey Court
Newport, WA. 99156-9363
Gaylan Warren
(509) 447-2067 {voice}
(509) 447-4184 {fax} {email}


AFTE - Association of Firearm and Toolmark Examiners

IWBA - International Wound Ballistics Association

IAA - International Ammunition Association, Inc.

IAI - International Association for Identification

- National Rifle Association

NWAFS - NorthWest Association of Forensic Scientists

IABPA - International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts

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Firearm Safety
Reaction Time & Other Considerations
Toolmark Conclusions

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